Your heartbeat rhythm changes. In fact, it begins to palpitate as if it was about to break your chest... You cannot contain yourself within the city.
Imagine that you also have friends who have same feelings and excitement like you... Nothing can prevent you, then? What would cool a heart warmed by blood flowing enthusiastically through veins? A sea which gets as heavy as your heart in cold winter... Perhaps also white foams produced by waves that beat shores crazily? Or maybe a crazy rainstorm hitting your face like a slap? Could a sticky mud binding you to the earth be what prevents you from reining in your soul as you try to escape from everything?
We invite you to Jeep-Safari to have an extraordinary day in tracks within pine-scented forests where thyme fragrance gets mixed with thousands of types of flower scents. Feasible in all seasons and all weather conditions, the Jeep-Safari tours will surely offer you quite various thrills.
Rain, snow, the sun, dusty roads, muddy slopes, campfire, blue waters that cool you off after such an activity, and valleys... all await you here.