Trekking usually takes place on famous plateaus as part of the Black Sea tour programs. In these places with high altitudes, we witness natural wonders as we approach the clouds as well as doing good exercises that will benefit our bodies and help us store plenty of oxygen.
Specially arranged Black Sea trekking tours offer guests the opportunity to observe the beauties such as Ayder Plateau, Fırtına Vadisi, Zil Kale, Ortan Village, Konaklar Neighborhood, Dilberduzu, Deniz Lake, Kaçkar Mountain Summit, Black Sea Lake, Naletleme Pass, and Çaymakçur Plateau. Trekking starts with crowded groups in the previously specified spot and continues throughout the day. Participants take breaks and camp out in certain areas.
Fostering team spirit, joint action, sharing and friendship, this activity helps you discover the legendary geography of the North. Trekking trails in the Black Sea:

  • Kaçkar Mountains
  • Ayder Plateau (Trabzon)
  • Altınparmak, Koç Düzü, Didingola (Rize)
  • Sümela Trail (Trabzon)
  • Ambarlı Plateau (Rize)
  • Çat Valley-Verçenik Plateau and Kapalı Lakes
  • Hemşin (Rize)
  • Gito Plateau, Elevit Plateau, Trovit Plateau, Pokut Plateau, Palovit Waterfall